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The Team

Who We Are

Imani Blaize

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Meet Imani, your dedicated guide on the journey to inner peace. With a passion for facilitating transformation through the synergy of ancient practices and modern modalities, Imani is a seasoned healing practitioner ready to help you clear energy blocks and awaken your highest potential. Imani's own path to healing began with a profound personal journey. Having navigated through the depths of complex PTSD stemming from childhood trauma, she discovered the profound healing power of yoga. Through dedicated practice, she not only found solace but also tapped into a wellspring of resilience and self-discovery.
For Imani, yoga is not just a physical practice but a sacred journey of self-exploration and connection. 

Join Imani
Every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.
Deep Stretch Sound Bath

Every Thursday at 5:30 p.m.
This is Personal (Warm Vinyasa)

Imani Blaze_edited.jpg

Kylie Brooks

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Kylie is a 50 hour yoga sculpt instructor, certified through Corepower yoga. She attended University of Georgia and graduated in December of 2022 with her Bachelors in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. When she’s not practicing or teaching yoga, she enjoys lifting weights at the gym, going on walks with her boyfriend and spending time with people she loves! She can’t wait to flow with you 🫶🏼

Join Kylie 
Every Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 a.m.
QC Sculpt

Every Friday at 5:30 p.m.  QC Fusion

Danielle Dobbs

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Danielle is a she/her person flowing in the breeze of life. During a rough patch of her life, she started doing yoga by watching YouTube videos in her house, not truly feeling seen or represented in other spaces but always drawn back to movement. Eventually her work life (recreation/sports) and personal fitness interests slowly started to intersect. She became driven and focused on teaching fitness classes for people with disabilities in 2016, which evolved into a love of learning how to effectively move all people. Words matter, thoughts matter, movement matters in all ways that we are and things that we do. Let your breath move you and find your magic in her variety of classes.


Niché Faulkner

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Niché is an African dancing, diversity-focused, free-spirited peacock who lives her life on and off her mat by the Xhosa principle of “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”. Simply stated, it is the belief that “a person is a person through persons” and that we are bonded through common humanity and oneness. As a teacher, Niché advocates for yoga as an essential tool in the building of community, personal transformation, and self-care. It is her intention to stand for the underrepresented, especially those who do not fit the traditional standard of yoga including body image, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Outside of the studio, you can find Niché teaching West African dance, spending time with her family, laughing from her gut, and living her life unapologetically and free.

Renice Jones

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I'm Niecy (Renice) Namaste! My yoga practice and philosophy is focused on self-reflection and regeneration to address and mitigate root cause of ailments. As a Registered Yoga Teacher, I will guide you through your yoga practice so that you may be able to find peace on and off your mat.


Holly Minter

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I started practicing yoga in 2016 as a runner, mainly to cross train and alternate workouts. Since then, it’s taken me on an incredible journey that I am so grateful for. I completed my 200 YTT in June of 2023, and immediately realized I had just scratched the surface. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at a nonprofit that serves formerly homeless individuals, and truly began to see the mind-body connection in others and in my own practice. I love the variety that yoga offers, but my favorite styles to teach and practice are deep stretch, restorative, and Yin. Outside of yoga, I enjoy traveling, cooking, live music, and being outside with my rescue dog. I look forward to joining you
in the studio

Jasmine O'Grady

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Jasmine is a graduate from the Soulful School of Yoga in which she received her 200 RYT. Jasmine  teaches the QC Reset  at QC Fit Yoga and also teaches within the Charlotte community. 


Jenna Parker

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Jenna began her yoga journey when she was 16 years old. She bravely took her first yoga class, a hot power yoga class, directly after a rigorous ballet class. Her first class had a powerful effect on her, and yoga became a new passion that she excelled at. In 2005-2006 Jenna completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Yoga Alliance certified Wilmington Yoga Center led by ERYT500 Kristin Cooper-Gulak. Jenna taught for a few years while in college but then decided to pursue another career. Jenna continued with her personal practice and continued taking yoga training to learn and grow as a yoga instructor. In February 2019, Jenna completed Yoga One’s Teacher Assistant Training and was hired as a yoga teacher assistant where she continued to assist until the studio closed. In July 2021, Jenna began teaching hot power yoga and hot deep stretch yoga at this same studio (formerly QC Yoga) until the studio closed. She then began teaching hot power yoga at Rise Yoga in Albemarle, NC where she currently teaches. Jenna has a strong passion for helping others through the art of assisting; therefore,
when you attend her classes expect to be loved on with a lot of hands-on assisting

Kathryn Shupe

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Fitness transformed my life and I am passionate about helping others to find the same spark. Kathryn Shupe grew up in the north but found her home in the south. She is a teacher at heart serving as an educator in Public Schools for over 25 years. In 2020, she became certified as a Group Fitness Instructor through the Athletic and Fitness Association of America. She has been leading group fitness classes for the
past four years. Most recently graduating from the Soulful School of Yoga in 2023completing her YTT 200 hour Teacher Training.
With a new found love for the practice of yoga, she believes that yoga isn’t just a practice, it’s a lifestyle. Certified in both Pilates and Yoga, Kathryn blends it together to support the mind, body and soul within the practice. She believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through integration to ensure a balance of strength and flexibility.
She strives to channel yoga into all areas of her life to stay aligned, show gratitude and stay connected on and off the mat.
When not teaching, Kathryn spends time traveling to different lighthouses, exploring new parks and beaches with her husband and dog, Rylie. She loves to be near the water to energize her soul.

Kathryn Shupe Headshot.jpg

Alyce Vallejo

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Alyce knows herself as an original disrupter of her own life. Continuously seeking the edge of the unknown and leaping with love, passion, and grace. 11 years ago she found herself stuck in the comfort of a life she thought she was supposed to be living, checking all the boxes from the outside. Realizing the reflection she saw was disconnected and closed off to the growth her heart desired. In a moment, she made a wholehearted choice to create a life of LOVE, PASSION, and ADVENTURE. With over 20+ years of dance training, performance, 300 hour yoga certification, 22 hrs Grounded Kids Yoga and as a Lightyear Leadership coach, Alyce's rich experience of movement practices serve as the initial gateway to emboding her fullest self-expression. She leans into artistry and embodiment to mold a language to her crafts that reveals a spiritual connection to source and self. Alyce continuously seeks to integrate the various modalities of movement as the visionary and founder of ‘Be Vida, Discover Movement.’ Here she uses her bold ability to intuitively listen, feel, and guide others in movement exploration through coaching, classes, retreats, art, and performance. With Alyce, you will discover a conversation of asana and inquiry, sensation and vulnerability, discomfort and bravery to awaken and empower your movement voice. You will find yourself at unknown cusps’ with excitement, community, in love, and at home in the essence of your whole self! Compassionately disrupted.

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